The Saint Commute

Vlad Mettler   2016/01/31   Comments Off on The Saint Commute

Thesis: The Saint Commute is what can save an aging innovator A moment in life comes when the circumstances and the diminishing life force makes a person a bit too lazy for their taste. Nine-to-Five and family responsibilities limit the time for actual innovation to the point when doing anything… Read more »

Test harness built on eXecutable Specification

Vlad Mettler   2015/05/07   Comments Off on Test harness built on eXecutable Specification

THE HARNESS Synopsis: Post describes implementation of ports and adapters architecture while creating a BDD-like test harness around a legacy system. The post and code is available at: eXecutable Specification (XS) is an expression of the desired system capabilities. We will use XS to build a harness of tests… Read more »

Hexagonal Architecture

Vlad Mettler   2014/06/29   Comments Off on Hexagonal Architecture

Intro Designing a new system from scratch allows for some creative thinking and a discovery process. Opening a mind to some ideas considered to be quite extreme or outlandish may lead to interesting insights which may fundamentally change the thinking. By a combination of a difficult problem, a stimulating company… Read more »